Brilliant driving school names… continued

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Credit: Graham Moreton of Tarleton Photography

Since we read this article written by Midrive, the highest rated national lesson provider, we kept spotting brilliantly funny driving school names ourselves, so we thought we’d share these amusing nuggets of joy with you!

Instant happiness

There’s nothing better when you’re on the road than spotting a funny number plate or signage; the beauty of an amusing driving school name is that it helps thaw negative feelings towards the learner driver, something that all ADIs are aware of when on the road!

A lot of the time it involves a good old play on words, however this isn’t the only approach as is evidenced in our list below:

  • Learnalot
    As the legendary Knights of the Round Table were bound to comment, forsooth, that’s a jolly good pun!
  • Samuel ‘L’ Jackson
    Pictured, looks nothing like him, made us laugh!
  • Temple of Vroom
    Great for any old school Indiana Jones fans…
  • Miniscule
    Lovely, but in this day and age of text speak, it may worryingly be taken literally!
  • Impact
    It certainly had an impact on us…hopefully not on the road!
  • By-Pass
    Once we’d got over the excellent pun it did also make us think of the medical procedure!

And if you’re an instructor stuck for a name for your driving school why not try this driving school name generator? It may be predictable and you won’t get bonus points for humour but it’s as good a starting point as any!

If you’ve spotted some excellently silly wordplay that’s made you smile while you’re on the road, then feel free to share on our social media channels!