The Colourful World of Car Trends: Insights from the Latest SMMT Report


In the automotive industry, car colours play a significant role in shaping trends and reflecting consumer preferences. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the colour choices of British drivers have evolved, with some hues dominating the roads while others make a comeback. At DualDrive, we’re not just passionate about dual control cars; we also keep a keen eye on the ever-changing trends in the automotive world. Let’s dive into the insights revealed by the SMMT’s latest figures.

Grey Dominance

For the sixth consecutive year, grey has secured its position as Britain’s most popular car colour. In 2023 alone, a staggering 509,194 grey cars hit the roads, claiming an impressive market share of 26.8%. This trend is indicative of the enduring appeal of monochrome shades, with almost two-thirds of all new cars (63.5%) in 2023 falling under the black, white, or grey spectrum.

Monochrome Marvel

The love for monochrome extends beyond grey, with black and white cars securing the second and third spots, respectively, for the sixth consecutive year. Together, these three colours painted a monochrome landscape on the roads, recording their best volumes since 2019.

A Splash of Colour

While monochrome ruled the charts, blue managed to break into the top four, securing the fourth position. Red, although holding its ground in fifth place, experienced its lowest market share since 2005. Surprisingly, maroon, pink, and cream remained the least popular colours, making up a mere 604 registrations combined.

green car

Green Resurgence

In a surprising comeback, green emerged as a rising star, reaching its highest volume since 2005 with 53,426 units and a market share of 2.8%, the highest since 2004. This resurgence coincided with the growing popularity of zero-emission cars, following the same grey colour trend as their traditional counterparts.

Segment-Specific Choices

Grey continued to dominate across various car segments, including supermini, dual purpose, and lower medium. However, some segments went against the grain, with black being the preferred shade for executive cars and luxury saloons, while white took the top spot in the multi-purpose segment.

Regional Colour Preferences

British regions displayed unanimous preference for grey, with white securing the second spot in the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Meanwhile, England, Wales, and the Isle of Man favored black. Each region showcased unique choices, with Strathclyde leading in yellow car registrations and Cheshire taking the crown for orange cars.

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